British Economist

bitcoin ETF future ITS 2024-03-09 69
The Economist magazine in the UK wrote an article titled "What Will Happen After Bitcoin Soars", pointing out that Bitcoin is not rising in isolation: every asset is rising, stock markets around the world are approaching record highs, and so is the price of gold. Bitcoin's performance is better than most assets. The US Securities and Exchange Commission's approval of the establishment of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) makes it easier for ordinary investors to buy this encrypted currency. Bitcoin has existed for 14 years, and its concise mechanism for self-certification and verification of supply growth has never been compromised by hackers, meaning that this token will not disappear. With the establishment of ETFs, it is now obvious that Bitcoin has become an investment asset. The establishment of Bitcoin ETFs may have triggered a crazy and amazing surge, but the future price trend it predicts may be more slow and stable.