Uniswap V3 Fees: Factory Owner amendment was not passed, with 59.89% of the votes against

the uniswap VOTES WAS 2024-03-09 99
The Uniswap V3 Fees Factory Owner Amendment proposed by Michigan Blockchain, 404 DAO, and GFX Labs was not passed, with 30 million UNI (59.89% of the total) cast as opposing votes. Representatives such as teemulaumhonkasalo.eth and Wintermute (wintermutegovernance.eth) also voted against the proposal.It is reported that the proposal would have allowed DAO to change the fee mechanism in the future. In the proposal put forward by the Uniswap Foundation, V3FactoryOwner.sol did not have the function to set a new owner for UniswapV3Factory.sol. If the proposal had been passed, no one would have been able to change V3FactoryOwner.sol, and this would have been a permanent change.