Silicon Valley AI Web3 startup

AI By IN LED 2024-03-11 57
Bluwhale, an AI Web3 startup based in Silicon Valley, announced the completion of a $7 million seed round of financing. This round of financing was led by SBI (including SBI Ven Capital and SBI Decima), with participation from Cardano, Momentum6, Primal Capital, NxGen, Ghaf Capital Partners, Spyre Capital, Baselayer Capital, Dragonfly's Managing Partner Haseeb Qureshi, "Guitar Hero" founder Charles Huang, Oculus founder Jack McCauley, Animoca (Japan), Gumi, MZ Crypto's collaborative fund, and Sygnum and Azimut. Bluwhale was founded in 2022 by machine learning experts from Stanford and Berkeley, as well as former TikTok AI senior staff Adam Rowell and Han Jin. The company aims to link Web3 wallet holders with companies through AI technology, allowing dApps to directly reach their target audience and potential new users, while optimizing their marketing expenses. This allows wallet holders to profit from advertising and promotion expenses targeted at them. Bluwhale uses AI and contextual data to generate a comprehensive profile of Web3 individuals by analyzing on-chain behaviors, activities, and preferences, developing wallet roles and groups, helping companies more accurately identify potential audiences, bringing transparency to the industry, and optimizing marketing/sales expenses. As of now, 180 companies have registered to use its AI platform, which is currently in the public testing phase and has indexed over 2.7 million wallets.