Bitfarms exercises previously

bitcoin for MINER T 2024-03-11 96
Bitfarms, a leading Bitcoin mining company, has made significant moves to expand its mining capacity. In addition to exercising its option to purchase 28,000 Bitmain T21 miners, the company has also acquired an additional 19,280 Bitmain T21 miners, 3,888 Bitmain S2 miners, and 740 Bitmain S21 Hydro miners. This expansion is part of Bitfarms' efforts to enhance its mining operations and increase its Bitcoin production.

Furthermore, Bitfarms recently announced a market stock issuance plan worth $375 million. This strategic decision allows the company to independently sell its common stock through agents at its own discretion over a certain period of time. These actions demonstrate Bitfarms' commitment to capitalizing on the growing demand for Bitcoin and its dedication to expanding its mining capacity to meet this demand.