ChainGPT launches $1M Web3

AI M WEB 2024-03-12 69
ChainGPT, a leading provider of AI-driven infrastructure tools for the Web3 space, recently made a game-changing announcement with the launch of a groundbreaking $1 million Web3-AI funding project. This initiative aims to drive forward cutting-edge innovation at the intersection of AI and blockchain technology.

The program is designed to support a wide range of projects, offering three distinct levels of funding. The growth funding category prioritizes scalability, providing crucial resources to help promising ventures expand and reach their full potential. The builder funding track is dedicated to nurturing early-stage innovation, offering vital support to help young projects take flight. Finally, the research funding category is geared towards backing new startup initiatives, fostering the emergence of transformative new ideas in the industry.

Already, the initiative has attracted significant attention within the Web3 community, with projects such as GT Protocol, Cookie3, and Kryptomon being among the first to receive support. This marks a significant milestone in the development of the Web3 ecosystem, as ChainGPT continues to play a key role in driving forward the next generation of AI and blockchain innovation.